Contact & Prices

My clinic in Crested Butte is at 427 Belleview Ave, Suite 100.

The mailing address for the clinic is PO Box 3768, Crested Butte, CO 81224.

I work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 6pm. If you would like a morning or weekend appointment, please phone or email and we’ll make it happen. Kindly note I do not run a drop-in clinic, but I can meet you quickly if I’m available.

Phone: (970) 922-8538


Consultation Prices

120 minutes: $160

90 minutes: $120

60 minutes: $80

30 minutes: $40

15 minutes or less: $20

How much time do you need? I ask you questions to create an overall picture of your health. The more time I have, the more complete of a picture I can make, and this helps me when prescribing. If you aren’t sure, default to the longer consultation.

If you are in poor health, have ‘tried everything’, are on prescription medication, or have a serious diagnosis, you will need a longer appointment time. As you improve, there will be less to discuss and therefore you won’t need as much time with me.

For Scar Education, the first consultation is at least an hour and follow up appointments are half an hour. If you are severely restricted by your scars, please contact me for a chat before booking.

90-120 minutes: This is recommended if you have a long-standing complaint, a lifetime of illness, a complicated condition or set of problems, or if you are on prescription medication. If you are visiting CB and/or follow up appointments are going to be tricky, book more time.

60 minutes: You may choose an hour for your first consultation if you are in generally good health or have a condition that is more annoying rather than debilitating.

30 minutes: When we do follow up appointments, half an hour is typically enough for me to evaluate the actions of the remedies and how you are progressing. If, however, you have a challenging condition, an hour may be more appropriate. This amount of time is also good for “acute” conditions such as cough, colds, flu, sprain, strain etc.

15 minutes or less: This amount of time is suggested for a quick check in. These can be on the phone, by email or online if you are unable to pop in and see me.