General Nutrition Guidelines


Momma was right…

Eat your vegetables.


A nutrient-rich diet is integral and essential to a vibrant life and smart healing. You can choose to become an unplugging, tree-hugging, green-smoothie-chugging, meditating, levitating whole food guru or you can start with three glasses of water and an apple a day. The main thing is to start where you are.

I offer you the culmination of thirty years of personal experimentation and clinical experience as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. I've read pretty much every book I could find on nutrition, from butter coated bacon to no-fat vegan. I've probably even tried eating that way to see what would happen. Distilling all the books and all the research comes down to one simple phrase, one that you probably heard through your entire childhood; "Eat your vegetables." Thanks, Mom. 

Diets used to be much simpler and usually involved something that grew in the ground, ran on it, swam, or flew. So that pretty much leaves us veggies, fruit, nuts, pulses, fish, fowl, grains, meat and dairy. So actually there is an abundance of choice available! It's how generations before us survived on this fabulous planet so it makes sense to copy them.

In the past couple of generations there has been an explosion in food processing. Excess fat, sugar and salt manipulates us as well as artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, stabilizers, and a plethora of other chemicals I don't know about. It isn't called 'junk food' by accident. The World Health Organization sites a poor diet as the number-two cause of cancer and a major contributor to half of all cancers. It’s also implicated in many other chronic health complications such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and Alzheimer’s. 

So... given that, here are my basic guidelines for good nutrition, and thus a good working body and mind.

  1. Choose foods as close to nature as possible, meaning unrefined, ideally organic.

  2. Avoid highly processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and trans fats.

  3. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fats and friendly bacteria.

  4. Aim for ten servings of vegetables a day (smoothies help a lot).

  5. Eat everything else (meat, eggs, dairy, beans, grains) as suits your personal constitution.

That's it in a nutshell. Obviously everything can be tweaked, and the diet and nutrition industry would have us believe that it is really difficult to eat well, but really, it isn’t. Eat what your Granny used to eat - in other words, real food. Keep highly processed ‘stuff’ to a minimum and branch out in your culinary skills. You can check out some of my favorite things to make in the Recipes section. I add new recipes on a fairly regular basis, so long as they have passed my taste test. Ideally my husband will also be on board but hey, I can’t guarantee that. Especially if it’s something like a chia pudding. He just isn’t going there.