I am so glad you found me. I have been exploring natural therapies for over thirty-five years. I am professionally trained in massage therapy, homeopathy, nutritional medicine, metaphysical healing and yoga. I’m also very familiar with essential oils and natural skin care. 

My clinical experience is integrated, working side by side with complementary therapists as well as standard orthodox medical clinics and hospitals. I have treated people all around the world thanks to living in London for 17 years and the wonders of online communication.

In this website you’ll learn how to use a variety of holistic tools to help you live a vibrant life. Health is not black and white. It’s all in the balance and what works for you as an individual.

Your body came equipped with an incredible healing system, unique to you. My aim is to teach you how to harness the healer within until you feel unstoppable in your energy and brilliance.

If you’re ever in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, come and see me at my clinic in Crested Butte.

Let’s get started!

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