Welcome! I have been enthusiastic about natural therapies for over thirty-five years. I am professionally trained in massage therapy, homeopathy, nutritional medicine, metaphysical healing and yoga.

I offer consultations in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado as well as online sessions. My services usually blend together as we discuss Homeopathy and Nutrition together, as well as any other lifestyle help I can provide. My specialty service Scar Education teaches you how to care for a scar, no matter how old it is or where it is. You learn how to reduce pain and physical restrictions that may be impacting your freedom.

My clinical experience is international and integrated, working alongside complementary therapists as well as orthodox medical doctors and hospital consultants. My personal experience began at 15 years old as I searched for natural cures for eczema. I experimented with diet, flowers, aloe, lotions, potions and anything else I could get my hands on. Well, it worked, and here I am, thirty-five years later and still wildly in love with natural healing.

You can find me at 427 Belleview Ave, Suite 100 in Crested Butte or book an appointment for an online session between visits.

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  • What’s new?

    June 3rd, 2019 - I’ve completely updated the layout of the website with the aim you can find information more readily.

  • June 11th. Whoop whoop! I have just signed up for a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate course. In six weeks I’ll be bursting at the seams with new info for you.