Homeopathic Potency

One thing you will notice is that homeopathic remedies have a number and letter after the name. This is the potency. There are volumes of books covering the science and technique of how to make remedies into their various strengths and potencies. I will give a very rough example of how this might work. I grow calendula flowers in my garden. I crush and preserve them in alcohol to make a healing tincture, and this is herbalism. If I alter the tincture to the first level in homeopathy, it becomes an X potency (to the tenth) and is still very close to the original tincture I made. While this is fine for calendula flowers, it would not be so great when using snake venom. So I take it to the next level of potency, diluting and energizing the tincture to a C potency (to the hundredth). This can carry on up and up, continuing to energize the calendula to assist in healing the human mind and body.

Have you ever been to a concert where the bass is emphasized and you feel it hit your body with every chord, making your heart go ka-thump and your stomach flip? These are the lower potencies that have a very physical impact on your body. The more refined and higher notes of an opera singer might impact your emotional body, causing your heart to swell in your chest and tears to spring to your eyes. Remedies work in a similar way. The higher the potency, the more a remedy will impact your emotional energetic field, releasing anything that is stuck there, and then filter it down through your physical body. The higher potencies usually carry a letter of M, CM, MM, and beyond to LM.

The more commonly sold remedies come in a 30C, which is a general therapeutic potency. You will also see some 200C remedies stocked, and these are a higher potency, a punchy potency, so use sparingly when needed. I think of 200C as an emergency potency. Here's an illustration. Oh, look, I've bumped myself' bruise = 30C. Whereas, 'Holy sh*t! Aah, I've fallen off the ladder and dude, oh my god my leg, uh, I'm freaking out' bruise = 200C. It's a more shocking situation that deserves a higher potency. 

Please do not be tempted to buy your remedies in higher potencies unless prescribed by a homeopath as you can cause what is known as a “healing reaction” which is NOT FUN. Imagine you’re cleaning up an old attic. As you move things around a little dust is kicked up but nothing dramatic. Now imagine the same scenario but someone turns on a turbo fan. You’re choking and coughing, your eyes are burning, you start sneezing… it’s just too much too fast.

We had a saying as firefighters and the same applies here: “Go slow to go fast.” In other words, go slow in order to reach the final destination quicker. Creating a healing crisis won’t make you feel better faster.