Individual prescribing


Prescribe for the individual, not the complaint

If five people walk into my office with the flu, there is a very high likelihood that they will each be prescribed a different remedy based on the symptoms of the flu.

Person A has flu symptoms that make her feel sleepy and spaced out. Person B has symptoms of restlessness, she just can’t sit still, she is anxious and craves hot lemon water. Person C is irritable; she can’t afford to be off work. Person D is feeling frozen and cannot get warm. Person E is suffering terribly in her chest and is having trouble breathing.

These five people will need five different remedies to help them through the flu. I may give general nutritional advice such as make a garlic soup and drink a lot of water, but the remedies will not be the same despite everyone having ‘the flu’.

We all express dis-ease in our own individual ways. This is one of the most beautiful and misunderstood components of homeopathy. The remedies are matched to you and your present symptoms. They are not meant to be prescribed for the illness or complaint - they are supposed to be matched to suit your specific needs.