All reviews from Amazon (so far) are 5 out of 5 stars. *****Thank you*****

Insightful and easy to understand: "I’m typically easily overwhelmed by a lot of informational health books because there is so much information and not enough personality. The way that Holman interweaves personal, relatable stories with all of the information she shares makes it much more captivating and easier to soak up the information and recall it later. I found the chapter on nutrition especially helpful and informative!"     -Sarah K.

Essential reading for finding a path forward after scar trauma: "An absolutely accessible and essential guide to healing scars, any type of scar. Adrianna is an exceptional author you not only guides you through the healing process but makes you want to walk the healing path. What can seem overwhelming and debilitating becomes a journey of joy and empowerment."       -Kathleen Stevenson

Excellent healing resource: "Highly readable. Knowledgeable & compassionate companion for scar recovery. I wish this book had been available 10 years ago when I endured 5 consecutive surgeries that left my upper body immobile. It would have given me needed information, support & reassurance to heal myself physically and emotionally. Instead, my healing journey was trial-by-error, long & lonely.
Today, as a somatic therapist myself, I see this book as a jewel for scar release.
Ms. Holman's knowledge spans solid science with body-mind expertise, homeopathy and easy to follow practical treatments.
All of this makes "Love Your Scar" unusually thorough and a profound healing tool. Thank you, Andie Holman."       -Michele M. Nahas

"Andie’s book, “Love Your Scar” is a must read for anyone who is planning to undergo surgery, has undergone surgery, or anyone who has an existing scar. Throughout the book, Andie uses relatable analogies and real-world examples to explain complicated biological concepts. This is so critical as I tend to stop following a healing plan if I don’t know why or how that plan is helping me. She shares her vast body of professional experience and her own experience with the struggles of scarring after breast surgery which uniquely positions her as someone who not only has the necessary professional qualifications but someone who truly understands.

She explains in a way that any reader will be able to understand why what we put in our bodies effects the healing process. Honestly, after my ACL surgery, I never really thought about what I was eating and how that was hurting or helping my scarring. I always just thought about what was going on my body (creams, etc.). Mind blown; I wish I had thought about it at the time!

Andie explains in a clear way why she recommends certain foods and supplements during the healing process; what products to use and avoid to promote healing; meditation and breathing techniques that will help; exercises; and so much more!

Her chapter on skin care products is so enlightening. Not only is this information good for ensuring that you are only using products that will help your scar heal beautifully, the information is invaluable for individuals like me who have had skin issues in general. For years I have had difficulties finding a soap that didn’t irritate my skin. So I read marketing and kept buying brand-name soaps. Finally my husband suggested I buy home-made natural soap. When reading this book I literally ran to the bathroom to see what ingredients were in some of the soaps that I didn’t use after buying a pack because they were irritating my skin – yep, contained ingredients her book says to stay away from whereas the home-made soaps do not.

In addition, this book is more than just about promoting the scar-healing process. It’s about educating yourself about the love and nourishment your body needs. Cancer runs in my family and reading in her book that the World Health Organization sites a poor diet as the number-two cause of cancers, may just give me the motivation to put the soda down and the vegetables up. I have a better understanding of how certain foods interact with my body and she even provided healthy recipes in her book that look delicious. I mean, Hello Spicy Golden Milk as my new nighttime beverage with turmeric’s healing properties.

I can’t recommend this book enough. This book is going to help so many people!

                                                                                                 -Amazon Customer

An essential guide on the road to healing: "Well studied and well written, Love Your Scar brings a wholistic approach to healing: heart, mind, soul and body. Keeping everything in balance, medical students and the new patient will benefit from Andie Holman's work
and wisdom in this excellent resource. Let it be your guide to complete recovery,
or help others in their journey to restoration."       -E Theodore Aranda

Just what I needed: "Andie's book came to me at the perfect time! She shares her extensive knowledge of the body and it's healing processes, nutrition, homeopathy, essential oils, massage, exercise, and movement, and self-care in a clear, understandable way that is presented with healing compassion. Still in the process of healing from a significant injury, the information from "Love Your Scar" encourages me that I can help my scar to heal well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is preparing for surgery to support your healing from the very beginning, and to anyone who has a new or older scar. There is plenty of information for everyone."       -Shannon K.

This book can help everyone, not just those healing their scars: "I recommended this book to two friends who have recently undergone surgery and have huge scars. I decided I’d better read it first.
I am extremely impressed with the thorough approach to the treatment of scars, including massage, skin care, diet, exercise and emotional healing. The writing is easy to understand and interesting, including many personal examples from Andie and her patients.
This book is not just for those with scars. I am starting to use her suggestions to take care of my ‘healthy’ body. The section on the lymphatic system, what it does, and how to keep it functioning well was new and eye-opening to me.
The step-by-step explanations of massage, exercise, visualizations and breathing are very understandable and easy to follow. For me, the explanations – in language a non-scientist can understand - of how these body systems work and why the treatments help is invaluable. I can’t wait to try the recipes.

Thank you Andie, for sharing your expertise."        -Linda H


Excellent! A detailed, well-organized and easy to understand practical guide: "Excellent! A detailed, well-organized and easy to understand practical guide to the care of old and new scars. Based upon extensive research and years of practical clinical experience. Learn how scars form, about the critical role of lymph in maintaining good health along with advice on diet, supplements and traditional Homeopathic remedies to maximize your body’s natural healing ability. Featuring wonderful testimonials and examples of success stories. Includes easy to follow step by step instructions on: breathing techniques, visualization, meditation, self-massage and the use of healing oils and aromatherapy. Learn simple stretches and exercises for before and after surgery. Discover strategies for avoiding infections before, during and after surgery. Most helpful are the list of resources for supplies, recommended books for further study and wonderful healing recipes. Highly Informative and useful for those preparing to undergo surgery as well as those with old scars."       -David Wells

Thoughtful and useful book: "In Love Your Scar, Andie Holman masterfully weaves information on massage, diet and simple behavior change into a beautiful quilt of healing. This is a wonderful book for anyone with a scar but the material in the book is relevant for anyone interested in health, understanding their body, and building greater connectivity between our minds and physical experience. The book is easy and enjoyable to read and provides a useful mix of science, personal experience and professional advice. It breaks down complex medical information into clear bit size tidbits which makes the material tangible and useful. Highly recommend this book!"       -Gina

Love Your Scar for Life! "If you have a loved one, friend or acquaintance who has any kind of scar, whether small or life altering; whether a scar is newly acquired, imminent, or is old, this is a wonderful healing book chock full of detailed information to help heal beautifully and naturally. I gifted this book to myself, finding Love Your Scar to be most helpful in every way. Love Your Scar is organized in easy to understand chapters, with documented, exactly 'how to do it' information: Where, when & how – it’s all spelled out in detail, written with personality! It would be a great addition to your own library and to libraries of family and friends. It's worth the read and is a gift of caring."       -Linda J. Marshall

Love Your Scar: "Love Your Scar: How to Heal Beautifully is a wonderfully written book of a successful healing process for scars. Holman’s language and approach effortlessly guides the reader through the science of scarring and her integrated natural treatment techniques that also impact overall wellness. The reader is taken step-by step through the process of healing both new and sold scars, with patient anecdotes that illustrate personal challenges and successes. Holman’s extensive experience and knowledge working with a range of scar types shines through, as does her passion for healing and the benefits of this innovative and effective healing process. The support this book offers is a gift to anyone dealing with imminent, current or old scars!"       -Bonnie

So useful! "Thank you, Andie Holman, for creating such an accessible and useful book. The combination of background info, tactical advice, and a week-by-week guide for post surgery is fantastic. I especially love the chapter on breathing and meditation. I think anyone who is planning to have surgery -- or just live a healthier life -- should read this book."      -goldmana


A book for all time: "Whether you are facing surgery, recovering from surgery, facing illness, recovering from illness, interested in your body and how it works, or wanting to manage your stress levels through nutrition, exercise and meditation - this book is for you!! I can now throw away all my other books dealing with these subjects, because Andie Holman has nailed them all in one extremely well written and powerful book! Her extensive background and personal experiences are impressive and admirable. It is a book to refer back to time and time again. Thank you, Andie, for sharing your remarkable work in this field."       -Jeanne B.

Helping me heal: "Andie covers so many of the issues surrounding scar damage. I love the organization of the book. I love the completeness of the therapy suggestions. I love that I can be in charge of my healing. The read contains useful tools for those with and without scar damage. I myself suffer from significant scar damage. One set of scars by choice. One set of scars from a serious accident. Both sets of scars will benefit from these therapies. Thank you for helping me heal."       -Jacqueline Eschenlohr

A great read: "This book was recommended to me from a friend when I was trying to better understand my lymphatic system. (I had been struggling with so much information presented with all the compassion of a college textbook.) I finally had my a ha moment when reading Love Your Scar. The information is presented from the author in a first hand style that made it understandable to someone who didn't major in science! I found the book also a wealth of info about diet and lifestyle in general even beyond the topic of scar healing. I have since ordered a copy for a friend with an old post-surgery scar. I'm hoping he can benefit as much from the book as I have."       -Amazon customer